Fashion Design


Course Objectives

Fashion Design is the art of applying design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories. The Fashion Designer is influenced by cultural and social attitudes that vary from place to place; this makes the designer capable to interpret the environment and to transform it into the creative process of design.Our fashion design students will be able to create different collections with their own style, in order for them to develop their ideas and criteria. The fashion designer is able to fulfill the marketing demands, that’swhy they must intuitively know what to offer to the fashion market. Today, most clothing is designed for the mass-market, especially casual and every-day (prêt-à-porter) wear.

Who Is a Fashion  Designer?

Nowadays the Fashion Designer does not solely design or plan a collection. Due to their fashion intuitive, they are able to predict future market demands. In order to achieve this demand, our students will learn how to express their creativity and imagination, they will learn about the basis of drawing and illustration, as well as the coloring and rendering techniques. Through this long process, the student will be able to realize a wide variety of drawings and different types of collections; knowledge and experience that will give the student the necessary tools and skills to develop a Collection and a Portfolio. 

Fashion Designer Responsibilities

Since clothing is one of many ways to express and communicate ourselves, the designer must have the ability to create different styles in order to fulfill marketing demands, and to embody their personal style through clothing and accessories. Fashion designers must be familiar with aesthetical values as well as being aware of the latest fabric trends.  

Career Opportunities

Generally the Fashion Designer works either as freelancer or as an employee for a fashion house. Their main responsibility is to create a collection, and to work with the marketing and production team, also manage and coordinate each step needed to launch the final product.  The Fashion Designer works in collaboration with the consulting studios, where they must be in contact with, the prototype production, the quality control and the mass-production and commercial areas. They also work with traders, stylists and warehouses.  The fashion designer works in collaboration with the consulting studios, the commercial areas and the product and prototype factories, supervising the quality control for mass production industry.

More info

    Anatomical Basis
    Drawing Technique
    Color Theory
    Fashion Rendering Techniques
    Quick Fashion Sketching
    Fashion Illustration
    Technical Drawing
    Basic Art & Design
    Fashion-Preneur Course:
    Fashion Marketing
    Brand & Concept
    History of Fashion
    Fabrics & Textiles
    Fashion Communication
    Fashion Styling
    Monumental textile
    Batik for Industry
    Location: Jakarta
    Lesson duration: 3 hours      
    Total hours: 900  
    Normal Program:
    Duration: 2 years    
    Weekly attendance: 5 lessons 
    Intensive Program:
    Duration: 1 year    
    Weekly attendance: 10 lessons  
    Location: Jakarta – Milan  (MILAN 1+1)      
    Total hours: 900 (+120)
    Normal Program:
    Duration: 2 years  (1 year Jakarta - 1 year Milan)    
    Weekly attendance: 5 lessons   
    Intensive Program:
    Duration: 1 year  (6 month in Jakarta – 6 month in Milan)    
    Weekly attendance: 10 lessons 
    *In Milan: Caledo, Portfolio and Final Exam 
    Location: Jakarta – Milan (Milan Enrichment Program)    
    Total hours: 900 (+120)   
    Normal Program:
    Duration: 2 years   (last month of the course in Milan)    
    Weekly attendance: 5 lessons 
    Intensive Program:
    Duration: 1 year   (last month of the course in Milan)    
    Weekly attendance: 10 lessons   
    *in Milan: CALEDO/Lectra and final exam


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