Holiday Course

Spend your holidays by exploring your talent in fashion and be productive!?

Mark your calendar for our Holiday Courses. 
We have two batches; 
Batch 1 will start on 28 April - 1 June 
Batch 2 will start on 10 June - 8 August

Make your holiday more fun by joining our Holiday Class and enhance your fashion skills.

We have lots of classes that you can choose from:
1. Signature Class
• Fashion Design 51 hours/99 hours
• Pattern Making 51 hours/99 hours

2. Haute Couture Decorative Techniques & Applique 24 lessons/72 hours

3. Haute Couture Moulage 24 lessons/72 hours

4. Draping Workshop 4 lessons/12 hours

5. Create Your Own Dress Course 14 lessons/42 hours

6. Creative Fashion Workshop
• Fun Pattern 1 lesson/6 hours
• Basic Weaving & Macrame 2lessons/6 hours
• Luneville Beading & Chinese Hand Embroidery 4 lessons/12 hours
• Honeycomb, Pintuck, Pleating, & Pinch Pleats 2 lessons/6 hours
• Normal, Glitter, Foil, & Emboss Printing 4 lessons/12 hours
• Batik Painting 4 lessons/12 hours
• Flower Making & Origami/Folding Methods 4 lessons/12 hours
• Tie Dye Shibori Techniques & Wet Felting 2 lessons/6 hours

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