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Dress Making

Dress Making
Work by student Elora Clear Esta

Course Objective

The goal of this course is to train students (including total beginners) to become professional dressmakers, whose job is to transform the drawing of the stylist into a pattern and, ultimately, to monitor its development into a finished garment.

Students will learn about pattern making and sewing techniques, practicing on maintaining the correct proportions, respecting the original style of a design and supervising the quality of production.


Dress Making:
Measurements Study
Ease Allowance Study
Pattern Making
Haute Couture
Pattern Making Techniques
Industrial Techniques
Pattern Lay Out
Tailoring Sewing Techniques
Tailoring Techniques
Industrial Sewing Techniques
Fashion Design History
Fibres & Yarns
Fabrics & Materials
Pattern Grading Techniques
Planning Techniques
Price Control
Quality Control
Techniques Schedule
Fashion-Preneur Course (Optional):

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What does the dressmaker do?

What does the dressmaker do?
The dressmaker is responsible for supervising the development of all garments related to a collection, being able to make last minute changes or interventions, when required by the stylist. They must be good at stress-management, as they will most likely find themselves improvising in a rush, without possibility to compromise the quality of their work.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities
The dressmaker can work independently, as part of a company, or by custom orders. They know how to create everything, from a plain shirt to an elegant suit, from a skirt to a coat, from underwear to wedding gowns. It is very important for the dressmaker to know both traditional and more innovative techniques, and to implement them within their work.

Course Programmes

Course Programmes
Jakarta-based Course:
Location: IMB Indonesia, Jakarta
Lesson duration: 3 hours
Total course hours: 900

Standard Programme:
Duration: 2 years
Attendance: 4 lessons per week (Students can arrange their own schedule)

Intensive Programme:
Duration: 1 year
Attendance: 8 lessons per week (Fixed Schedule)
Jakarta – Milan 1+1 Course:
Jakarta – Milan MEP (Milan Enrichment Programme) Course:
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