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Pattern Making

Pattern Making

Course Objectives

The goal of this course is to train students (including total beginners) to become professional pattern makers, whose job is to transform the design sketch of the stylist into a pattern that would reflect the original concept, in proportions and style. Student will learn about human anatomy and quality control, supervising the prototype production to ensure a successful final product.


Pattern Making:
Anatomical basis
Ease allowance
Measurement Study
Transferring Darts
Study of Collars
Study of Shirt
Study of Trousers
Study of Dresses
Study of Coats
Study of Skirts
Pattern Making Techniques
Haute Couture
Industrial Pattern Making Techniques
Fabrics & Materials
Planning Techniques
Price Control
Quality Control
Technique Schedule
Pattern Grading Techniques

*Students can choose which patterns to realise.

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What does the pattern maker do?

What does the pattern maker do?
The pattern maker plays an essential role within the fashion industry, as the middleman linking together different workers. Being the one who transform the design sketch into a pattern, they need to demonstrate creativity, technical expertise, organisation and interpretational skills.

The main responsibility of the pattern maker involves supervising the fitting within the prototype production, ensuring the quality of its industrial reproduction.

The pattern maker is also the one providing pattern grading, the process of creating different sizes of the same model.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities
The professional pattern maker has the opportunity to have a tailor–based production or to become part of a factory line production.

Fashion companies tend to easily integrate the role of the pattern maker within the ones of the head designer, the samples personnel and the product manager.

Course Programmes

Course Programmes
Jakarta-based Course:
Location: IMB Indonesia, Jakarta
Lesson duration: 3 hours
Total course hours: 600

Standard Programme:
Duration: 1 years
Attendance: 4 lessons per week (Students can arrange their own schedule)

Intensive Programme:
Duration: 5 months
Attendance: 8 lessons per week (Fixed Schedule)
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