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Work by Gio Nickson, Fashion Stylist course

Course Objectives

Our special courses are aimed at professionals or students looking to specialise or enhance their expertise within a specific area of fashion.

The course prepares students to become qualified pattern making and tailoring professionals specialised in men’s wear.

Students will first gain basic knowledge of the measurements system, allowances and darts in transfer, later proceeding to more detailed notions about collars, sleeves, shirts’ study, trousers and sweaters.

Finally, they will move on to more complex garments, such as jackets and coats, and will be introduced to the study of traditional and innovative fabrics. Their practice will also be integrated with an in-depth knowledge of the men’s wear fashion industry.


Pattern Making:
Study of Body Measurements
Ease Allowance
Dart in Transfer
Pattern Making Technique
Technical Schedule
Tailoring Sewing Technique
Pattern Making Haute Couture
Pop Cutting
Quality Control
Pattern Grading

Course Levels

Course Level:
Min. 330 hours – For students with basic level of experience and knowledge 

Min. 150 hours – Only available for students with a basic fashion degree or equivalent professional experience in the fashion industry

Min. 90 hours – Only available for students with an advanced degree in fashion or equivalent professional experience in the fashion industry. (Proof of certification is needed)

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